General Info for Cast

The following will detail what every Cast Member needs to know to get ready for the most rewarding experience in live-action roleplaying.


Here's a list of equipment you can't do without! It's important to bring everything you need to facilitate your enjoyment. Every Cast Member must have the following equipment:

  • Black sweat shirt and black sweat pants: All cast members wear black clothing under their costumes to avoid an anachronistic appearance. Did you ever see a giant beetle with blue jeans? Jeans and colored shirts clash with costuming, while black provides an enhancing uniform appearance.
  • Comfortable shoes: Boots are best, sneakers will do. Cast members do a lot of fighting and walking. Be comfortable.
  • Orange Head Band: Every cast member needs an orange headband to represent being out-of-game.
  • Lantern: Every cast member must bring a battery powered lantern to light their way through the woods and use to light adventures. Do not buy the expensive flourescent lights, because they are too bright and easily broken. Get the soft plastic lantern with frosted globe that costs under $10.00. Paint them up to make them look old and write your name on it.
  • Personal Weapon: Troupes will only provide thirty inch claws and a limited selection of basic weapons. Bring your own weapon. You'll fight better and be more comfortable. If you want thirty-five inch claws then bring them also. Write your out-of-game name on these personal weapons.
  • Splints and Bandages: Bring your own splints and bandages to increase your survivability on Mystic Realms® battlefield.
  • Extra Batteries: Bring extra batteries if you can especially in cold weather.
  • Watch: Everything at Mystic Realm happens on a timetable. You will need a watch at events.
  • Sleeping Stuff and Pillow: Bring a sleeping bag or blankets. Don't forget the pillow.
  • Rain Poncho: It's a proven fact that if every cast member brings a rain poncho it does not rain. You can get the cheap green ones from any hardware store. Stay away from the clear, red or pink.
  • Proper Additional Attire For Climate: In addition to your black pants and shirt you will need to bring clothing to say warm or keep cool. Always bring extra socks and underwear.
  • Toiletries: Soap, deodorant, toothbrush and paste are necessary. Please practice good personal hygiene at events. Just because you're camping doesn't mean you don't have to wash.
  • Copy of adventures: The writer should E-mail you a copy of the adventures you will be working on. It's important to read through the adventure and plan your roles. You won't have enough time at events to develop your cast characters so plan ahead. Arriving with knowledge of the adventure will provide you a better roleplaying experience (and everyone around you as well!).
  • Writers must have the following additional equipment:

  • Battery powered lantern: Light is the most important safety consideration controlled by the cast. Nighttime adventures cannot run without lanterns!
  • Battery power CD deck with appropriate music: Every adventure benefits from theme music or background sounds. No vocals and nothing anachronistic. Producers will approve all soundtracks for use at their events.
  • Costume for Adventure Hook: Hooks need to have cool costumes. Time spent on costuming is the first step in developing personality. Hooks are supposed to facilitate roleplaying. The need to be memorable characters, not some guy in a rough tabard.
  • Rule book: Writers need to carry a rule book. They must be able to correct mistakes and clarify questions that arise with text from the book and not from memory.
  • Printout of the Current Menagerie: Writers need to bring a copy of the Menagerie to the events. They will invariably need to look up something.
  • Extra copies of all their adventures: In case a cast member on their crew forgets to bring a copy the writer should have enough for everyone assigned to work with him.
  • Arriving At A Weekend Event

    You should plan to arrive at a weekend event at six o'clock Friday evening. When Checking-In cast members move immediately to the front of the registration lines. They need to get ready and set up! If you are going to be any later please call the Producer to alert him. You should check-in at Logistics and then report immediately to the Cast Cabin with all of your gear. At the cast cabin you'll get a bunk close to the other members of your adventure team. The Adventure Writer will give the adventure briefing and begin pulling costumes. At eight o'clock there is a cast briefing that all cast members must attend. Following the briefing everyone will break up into their adventuring teams and move to the adventure site where they perform their adventure.

    Being a Good Cast Member

    A cast member at Mystic Realms® gets to be a part of the team that brings to life the world by portraying various characters as part of scripted scenes. The Producer is in charge and he is assisted by Writers who supervise cast members. Every act performed by a cast member should be made with the intention of helping the player character be a hero; combat should be fair and roleplaying should be entertaining. A cast member should give 100% effort knowing that next event when they are the player character the cast will be giving 100% effort to entertain them.

    Performing the Scene

    Before their scene, the cast member must read the scene sheet, learn their stats and skills, and memorize the information that needs to be conveyed to the players characters. While performing the scene, cast members must listen attentively to their Scene Leader and do their best to roleplay their assigned character. Cast members must never break character or make out-of -game statements during the scene's performance! After the scene the cast member should move away from the scene so as not to interrupt the player characters with their out_of_game presence.