Writers Guild

Writer training is necessary if a troupe wants to move beyond mediocrity. Anyone can produce the run of the mill monster in the woods roleplaying game, but Mystic Realms® can be so much more. Heart pounding realism can only be achieved by a disciplined staff who are of common purpose and similar mind who learn to write events which provoke emotional reactions.

The Writers Guild is the method Mystic Realms® uses to train individuals. Often excellent writers do not possess sufficient organizational knowledge, creative energy or leadership skills to execute their creations. A well written adventure that is poorly laid out and does not take into consideration such mundane things as the terrain, weather and costume changes will fail to entertain and could cause injury.

Members of the Writers Guild are taught to write, but more importantly to direct. As directors they must bring the scene to life by empowering cast members. Writers have to learn to juggle many different conflicting concerns. He is a writer, a leader, an organizer, an acting coach, a stage hand, an excellent role player, quick thinking, a problem solver, combat trainer, and even a counselor.

The skills which he must develop to be come a true artist are many. All people possess these characteristics to some degree. It is the task of the Writers Guild to teach in such a way so as to improve these abilities in others.

By using this system the Mystic Realms® writer can create truly live story which achieves artistry through seamless realism and evocation of emotion. Properly trained Mystic Realms® writers have true talent and the skills they develop rival those of movie producers and stage directors.

Every Official Troupe must organize a Writers's Guild. The writers guild is composed of participants who want to write events for that Mystic Realms® troupe. It is directly governed by the Manager of the Writer's Guild who is a troupe administrator and is supervised by Mystic Realms®, Ltd.


Membership in a Writers Guild is in independent of troupe participation. While each troupe has a manager which supervises his local guild, membership within the guild is standardize and respected between all troupes as the guild is one large organization under Mystic Realms®, Ltd. that cuts across all genres of play. Standardization of training ensures that all writers of each level will have similar skills.

Membership in the Writers Guild is open to any participant. Mystic Realms® Troupes must be careful to allow their Writer's Guilds to appear cliquish or elitist. Writer's Guild must continually attempt to recruit new members or the game will stagnate.

The Writers Guild organizes their writers into a guild hierarchy which is maintained by the Manager of the Writers Guild. He must maintain a list of all persons and training they have received. It is important that writers do not jump ranks as this will lead to a perceived unfairness and possibly poorly run events. Persons must all work through the ranks and fulfill the requirements of each rank.

Commoner Rank

At this basic level the participant must understand the spirit of Mystic Realms® and his role as a member of the cast.

Advancement: To advance beyond the Commoner rank the participant must demonstrate a desire to entertain others.

Apprentice Rank

A member at this rank is a Scene Leader. Before a person gets to be a writer he must at least learn the basic organizational and leadership skills to manage other cast characters and to execute an adventure. The proper execution of the adventure requires him to learn basic skills, such as how to safety check a location for a scene or how to succinctly explain the roleplaying and game skills need to portray a particular creature. He will begin to learn the writing system, game rules and history and cultures within the realm of play.

Advancement: To advance beyond the apprentice rank the member of the guild one must a demonstrate knowledge of organizational and leadership skills to manage cast, know the basic writing system, game rules and history and cultures within the realm of play and receive the Basic Writers Guild Training Course.

Initiate Rank

It is at this rank where a member becomes able to write. The member may write a standing adventure. He should be assigned a scene by the Producer or the Master of the Writer's Guild and be required to write and run standing which relates to it. The concentration at this stage is on physical scripting. An initiate member of the writers guild cannot create his own ideas, but must focus on helping others create theirs.

Advancement: To advance beyond the initiate rank the member of the guild must a demonstrate an understanding of all basic writing principle and act as writer for at least five standing adventures.

Junior Journeyman

The majority of the writers guild will be at this rank. This is the rank where a member learns to write moving adventures. The member is assigned the basic story of an adventure by the Producer or the Master of the Writer's Guild. He will be required to write and execute the adventure.

Advancement: To advance beyond the Junior Journeyman Rank the member of the guild must a demonstrate an understanding of all basic writing principles, act as writer for at least five moving adventures, attend the Advanced Writers Guild Training Session.

Journeyman Rank

It is at this middle of this stage where a member of the Writer's Guild is given a storyline to pursue. He may create cast character and play that cast character in modules and standing written by himself to drive forward his own storyline.

Journeyman writers manage long term plot and train junior writers. They must establish and train a writing team, composed of junior members of the Guild which will him with the story_line. This will require them to assign scenes to the junior members and review their work before execution at an event. The manager of the writers guild may assign members to a writing team.

It is at this rank person when a member may produce an entire event so long as that event has been developed over time. The storyline which a writer has been developing over a period of time is cumulated in such an event. Writers at this rank have prepared for their event carefully so that the story does not appear, but rather seems to naturally grow over time. Often the resolution achieved at the event, only sets the stage to the further continuation of the storyline.

Requirements: To advance beyond the Journeyman Rank the member of the guild must a demonstrate an understanding of all advanced writing principles, have followed a long term storyline to completion and served for at least one year as the head of a Writers Guild.

Senior Journeyman Rank

The members of this rank have all served as managers of a Writers Guild. They have developed a vast amount of knowledge on all facets of writing, execution and management of writers. They should work closely with the current Manager of the Writers Guild to assist the writers guild to which he is affiliated.

Advancement: To advance beyond the Senior Journeyman Rank requires an invitation into the Master Writers Guild managed by Mystic Realms®, Ltd.

Master Rank

A master writer is responsible for maintaining world storylines and assisting local writers guilds.