The following files are for download. These files will be updated as needed so please check before an event to ensure you have the newest version. These rules are applicable to all official games.

The rules files are in PDF format and can be viewed and printed with the freely downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader, or one of the more lightweight alternative free PDF readers - Sumatra, or Foxit.

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Game Rules

The Mystic Realms rules facilitate game play by any size group, in any time period and across all genres: fantasy, horror, science fiction, and even modern, mundane earth. Participants can explore a dynamic range of characters. With hundreds of skills to chose from, every character is unique and interesting. The possible characters and settings are only limited by the imagination of the participants. Much of our rules system is available to our members as free pdf downloads. ENJOY!
  • Glory of Guildhall Sourcebook
    The Five Gods came together to create an utopian world, but the realm was torn asunder by the greed, prejudice and fanaticism. From the ashes of this broken society arose an organization known as Guildhall. Its members, called Guildsmen, returned peace to the world. Participants in the Glory of Guildhall fantasy setting portray characters caught up in a complex and violent world. This highly detailed source book allows for diverse character types, each with their own cultures and skill-sets. Mystic_Realms_Glory_of_Guildhall_SourceBook_2013-07-05.pdf [2MB]
  • Parental Permission Form
    Mystic Realms does not supervise minors (any person under 18)at events. All minors must attend with a parent(s) or a person appointed by the minor's parent(s) to be responsible for them during the event. A minor's parent and responsible person must complete this form and bring to each event. ParentalPermission2014-07-01.pdf [56KB]
  • SP&P and Feat Prereq Reference Chart
    This document shows the spells, prayers and powers and feats (melee, ranged & surprise) laid out in their prerequisite paths for ease of reference SkillChart2014-03-20.pdf [681KB]
  • Event Equipment and Resources
    A character begins each event with all their basic equipment (everything they need to play the event) and extra equipment as they will choose. This document explains how to figure out what equipment, base substances, & game money your character will have. Bring phys-reps for your equipment and pick up all your base substances and coins at check-in! [0B]
  • Empire of Tyrs
    With dark magic flowing between blighted nodes of magic and corruption spreading across the land, there is little peace and too much war. In this realm demons sow seeds of destruction, hordes of undead spontaneously rise, ghosts haunt lonely ruins and vampyres hunt the night. Shape-shifters and magic-using beasts lurk in the wild areas. Fierce mana-driven storms can destroy whole swathes of civilization. The Empire of Tyrs now controls the world, but it's a world on the eve of destruction. EmpireofTyrs2014-03-15.pdf [3MB]
  • Imperial Certificates
    Tyrs is a brutal world. Appointees and Citizens need papers to prove their status. Non-humans need traveling papers and slaves need ownership papers. Slave owners needan ownership ertificates if they want to lawfully make a person a slave. Print out and bring. It's your responsibility to have your papers. certificatesoftravelownershipappointmentcitizenship2014-03.pdf [60KB]
  • Mercenaries of Galactic Frontier Sourcebook
    Earning a living among remote outposts of the Galactic Frontier, a Mercenary always has to keep one step ahead of the Galactic Coalition. Flying from one terraformed world to another looking for work, your fellow crew are often the only people you can trust. Life in the Galactic Frontier is hard and the jobs are dirty, but somehow you'll manage if you stick together as a crew. Participants portray futuristic mercenaries playing their occupations across a galaxy of corruption. Galactic_Mercs_Realm_Book_2012-05-15.pdf [2MB]
  • A Guide To Being Super
    Hae you ever wanted to be a super hero? Well here is your chance to be a hero in a world of comic book fame, where the mega-celebrities are all costumed crusaders. Pop singers, sports heros, movie stars and politiciasns all take sa back seat to Supers. Written by actual Supers this book explains how to become a successful super-human. A_Guide_to_Being_Super_Realm_Book_2015-04-10.pdf [2MB]
  • Medal of Valor
    A Supplement to the Aberrant Earth realm book providing information on world war II horror-focused roleplaying where the Axis powers have embraced occultism and mysticism to combat the growing Allied strength. Medal_Of_Valor2015-04-22.pdf [545KB]
  • Event Registration and Status
    This sheet is a summary of event fees and status earned for attending events as a player character, manager or writer, or a cast member Event_Registration_and_Status._2011-01-20.pdf [55KB]
  • Fire Permit
    Lighting fires in a larp is very dangerous as combatants could trip and fall into a fire or onto wood stove. To have a fire you must get a permit from hosts to ensure that everyone is aware of where the fire is. Further, the fire starter must agree to watch the fire at all times. Event_Fire_Permit_2007-05-10.pdf [77KB]
  • Apocalypse Earth
    The old world is gone. All that’s left is the ruins of that collapsed civilization. The great cities are jagged towers of steel and stone reaching up to the grey sky. The sprawling suburbs are wastelands of brambled lawns and rotting dreams. Participants play survivors who struggle against degenerate mutants, reanimated corpses shambling in their search to kill, power-mad dome dwellers with designs of conquest, and silica-sentient robots who seek to eradicate all flesh-life from the world. Apocalypse_Earth_2012-01-01-Copy.pdf [3MB]
  • Apocalypse Supplement
    Adds three new lifestyles and provides lifestyle skills to each lifestyle LifeStyleSkills2014-04-10.pdf [393KB]
  • Horror Supplement
    Aberrant Earth is a realm where the lights are never bright enough and monsters really do exist. Experience terror first hand. This is a supplement to allow players to create mundane characters for Horror Events in all time periods. HorrorsofAberrantEarth2014-02-01.pdf [289KB]
  • Glory of Guildhall Menagerie
    An updated version of the Menagerie for use by writers. Current with the Core Rules 2013-07-05. Menagerie_2014-01-26GloryofGuildhall.pdf [1MB]
  • Skills Reference Chart
    This document lists the more than one-thousand skills in the Mystic Realms system and provides their basic information including prereqs, base, duration, and effect statement. Not every skill is available in each realm so please consult the realm source materials. [0B]

Stories of the Realms

The following are short stories(30-50 pages)set in the worlds of Mystic Realms. They are intended to give the reader a feel for the game worlds in which we play. All are based on actual events in the game worlds, but each are told from the perspective of the central character and should not be taken as absolute historical truth as perceptions of events may differ.
  • Orpheus: Eclipse Enforcer
    This is a tale about, Orpheus, one of the most famous bounty hunters of the Galactic Frontier. The events described herein occurred during the final decades of the Eclipse a powerful criminal organization located in the galactic core. Mercenaries_GF_Orpheous_EclipseEnforcer.pdf [163KB]
  • Ghost Hunting In Aberrant Earth
    When Elizabeth and her friends go ghost hunting in an abandoned factory, they find more than EMF pulses and EVPs. Ghost Hunting in Aberrant Earth is dumber than striking matches near a gas pump. It’s no wonder why Elizabeth ends up in the mental hospital. AberrantEarth_GhostHunting_2008.pdf [157KB]
  • Return to Planet Perun
    The Mercenaries of the Galactic Frontier are a diverse bunch of adventurers. In this story, journey back to planet Perun with the crew of the Kizmet and others. Mercinaries_GF_Return_to_Planet_Perun.pdf [147KB]
  • The Death of Noctis
    One of the greatest questions of the Realm of the Five during the first decade of play was what happened to Noctis after the Fall of Evermoore. Rumors abounded, but in this document that was found in-game we see him here at the dawn of the Age of Solnus in the final hours of his existence. Glory_Guildhall_Death_of_Noctis.pdf [78KB]
  • Wild West: Bleeding Hills
    Before Sebastian Crane came to McAndrew’s Saloon he was just another gunslinger with the Knack who traveled the Northern Plains hunting undead and other dangerous creatures. His mission would take him to Bleeding Hills a town in the Dakota Territory and the place that would forever change him. Wild_West_BleedingHills_1866.pdf [68KB]