Mystic Realms® events are open to anyone willing to follow the rules and to contribute to the unique roleplaying environment created at events.

Registration fees are here.

Player Participants are welcome to arrive unannounced at most weekend events, but some events require pre-registration, especially smaller games with limited facilities, so check the events listing carefully. New players will receive an on-site orientation that includes help in character creation and training in the Mystic Realms® touch combat system.

Cast participants should always contact the producer of the event at least a week prior to the event to arrange for their roles. Writers are assigned at least a month ahead of the event! It is critical that producers know how many cast members they have before the event so if you think you might want to help out please contact them as soon as possible.

Age Requirements

Mystic Realms, Ltd does not have the facilities to supervise minors during events. Minors aged 14 and up are welcome to attend, but they must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian, and must be attended by a responsible adult at all times. No exceptions! Minors please download our parental consent form and bring it, filled out, to the registration table at the event.

Indemnification and Release of Liability

Playing Mystic Realms® does involve physical activity and there is a risk of injury. Mystic Realms® requires all participants to sign a general release of liability and indemnification agreement. Parents of minors must sign this form.

Event Sites

Directions to events held at commercial facilities are provided on this site. Directions to events held at private residences are not provided, but can be received by contacting the event host.