Character Maintenance

Mystic Realms® provides a centralized storage facility for all Mystic Realms® official characters and participants with an official character will be able to view their characters. In the common skills world, status will be posted by Mystic Realms® Staff, but players themselves will spend their status on line and print out their own character cards to bring to events. At the end of events these cards are collected and earned status is applied.

You can view your character on line at

Logistics Fee

Mystic Realms® does not have a membership fee like many other organization, but we do require participants to pay a $5.00 Logistics Fee each year to maintain player characters records. Participants with more than five characters will only have to pay for five characters (Maximum $25.00).

We know December is a tight time for everyone so our recordkeeping year starts in June. Participants who have not paid the fee to renew a character(s) within four months after the due date will have that character(s) deactivated and will not be able to play or update that character(s) until the fee has been paid up to date.