Interactive drama requires rules to determine success and failure of participant activity during LIVE-ACTION!™ and DICE-PLAY!™ gaming.

LIVE-ACTION!™ games are large scale organized events held at one of our usual locations, where participants physically roleplay all their characters' actions.

DICE-PLAY!™ is a table-top version of LIVE-ACTION!™ played with the same characters, and using dice for the element of chance.

For live and table-top action, Mystic Realms® presents a uniquely well-balanced rules system, offering:

  • Consistent, interesting and readily expandable game worlds;
  • Fairness and cooperation between participants;
  • Organization and timeliness in administration of events; and
  • Above all else, fun and enjoyment.

Game rules are written to facilitate interaction and roleplaying. They are not for the development of powerful characters. Under the Mystic Realms® game system, characters grow more entertaining instead of more deadly. We encourage participants to advance their characters in game settings to expand their theatric opportunities.