Physrep Specifications

This is not the entirety of the weapon-building rules, but it's enough to make most weapons safely. If you have any questions about what you're building, check the rule book first.

Melee Weapons, Claws, and Tentacles

The PVC pipe in all melee weapons must be capped at both ends with duct tape. It must be covered with 5/8" foam insulation along its entire length except for the grip, and the foam must extend 1" past the pipe on both ends. The gap in the insulation at either end must be filled with open-cell foam and capped with another piece of duct tape.

The striking end of the weapon must have a 2" thrusting tip of open-cell foam. The pommel can be no longer than 4", at least 1" of which must be firmly attached to the pipe.

The grip on one-handed weapons can be no longer than 6". The grip on bastard and two-handed weapons can be no longer than 15".

Sword crossguards may not extend more than 5" beyond the edge of the blade on either side.

Axes may be built with a blunt hammer-head opposite the axe blade.

Staves must have two 6" hand grips equidistant from the center. The rest of the staff, including any space between the grips, must be covered with normal 5/8" wall insulation. Both ends must have thrusting tips.

Polearms do not have grips. Instead, the haft may be covered with 3/8" wall insulation, but the head and 15" below the head must use the normal 5/8" wall foam.

Tentacles are just lengths of pool noodle, with no PVC or other modifications.
Weapon Length Striking Head
Length & Width
  Min Max Min Max
Axe I 20 30 5 10
Axe II: War 30 40 5 15
Axe III: Great 40 50 5 20
Blunt I 20 30 0 10
Blunt II: War 30 40 0 15
Blunt III: Great 40 50 0 20
Sword I: Dagger 10 20 - -
Sword II: Short 20 30 - -
Sword III 30 40 - -
Sword IV: Long 40 50 - -
Sword V: Great 50 55 - -
Staff I 50 60 - -
Staff II: Polearm 60 65 10 20
Claw 20 30 - -
Tentacle 55 95 - -

Thrown Weapons

Thrown weapons contain nothing but pipe insulation, open-cell foam, and duct tape.

Javelins must have a 2" thrusting tip on each end. They may have fins, provided they are made of something soft.
  Min Max
Vial, Spore, Grenade 3 6
Throwing Dagger, Rock, Dynamite 6 12
Javelin 35 40

Projectile Weapons

Bows and crossbows may be built with PVC pipe and connectors, but they must be completely covered with insulation. They must be strung with something that breaks easily so no one gets caught on it (yarn is good). Bow length and crossbow width is measured from one end of this string to the other.

A gun is any store-bought cap gun or click gun. Real-looking cap guns shouldn't be used where they might be seen by people not playing the game. (Use your head.)
Weapon Length Width
  Min Max  
Bow, Short 25 50 -
Bow, Long 50 75 -
Crossbow, Hand 10 15 12
Crossbow, Small 15 30 18
Crossbow, Large 30 40 24

Bucklers and Shields

Shields are made of 1/4"-3/8" plywood, or aluminum. Note that you can make full-size round bucklers and shields, but you can't make a max-length and max-width rectangle without exceeding the allowed perimeter.

All edges of the shield must be padded with 3/8" wall pipe insulation. This padding will increase the perimeter of your shield, so don't forget to include it in your calculations.
Item Polygon Max Circle Diameter Max Perimeter Max
  Width Height    
Buckler 12 12 13.5 45
Shield 22 32 27 90

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